Real Estate Agent Fees in Victoria

Real Estate Agent Fees in Victoria

LocalAgentFinder research reveals that in Victoria, the types of properties that have been creating buyer interest are those with good development potential, while buying period style homes and properties with high land value also rank on the list of buyer’s top priorities.

The median house price in capital city Melbourne has increased by 11.3% over the last year, sitting at $903,859 in December 2017, second highest to Sydney’s high median of $1,179,519. (Source: Domain Group House Price Report, December 2017).

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What to consider when finding the right agent to sell your home What do real estate agents charge in Victoria?

It can be revealed that Victoria has some one of the lowest real estate agent fees in Australia, with the overall average commission sitting at 2.03%.

This low fee is a reflection of the high level of competition amongst real estate agents who practice in a state with a flourishing property market, a record number of recorded house sales and an increase in the average median sale price. Melbourne’s average commission sits much lower at 1.98%.

While the low real estate agents fees are good news for Victorians, it is worth remembering that the average real estate agent fee is usually lower in city areas, but slightly higher in regional areas. The difference between rural and city real estate agent fees is due to a number of factors, but namely supply and demand; in rural areas fewer sales are processed, so agents need to charge a higher commission compared to city agents who generally handle a much higher volume of property sales.

What to consider when finding the right agent to sell your home

Although real estate agent fees are generally lower in Victoria, agents set their fees based on a number of criteria, so selecting an agent on price alone is not a great idea.

An agent based in rural Victoria is likely to charge a higher fee compared to a Melbourne-based agent.

It is important that you don’t select a real estate agent based on the commission alone; comparing agents against a list of criteria that suits your needs is the best way to get a good indication of which real estate agent is most suited to selling your property.

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To determine the average commission by state, LocalAgentFinder took the average commission of all active agents in each state  respectively on 5 June 2017. This included agents with tiered and fixed commission structures based on a $500,000 selling price. The same method was applied to calculate the average commission in capital cities.

This article was updated on 10th April 2018